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“Rosemary’s clients regularly attest to the way in which her unique methodologies have changed their lives and the way they work as BR ‘Before Rosemary’ and AR ‘After Rosemary.'”

Lyn Chamberlin | Founder and Principal Partner, skye PR

“I’m amazed by the sense of accomplishment that I have realized from using Mission Control. Before, when I was at work, I was multitasking and working hard, yet at the end of the day I lost track of what I had completed. Now, I know what I’m going to do on a particular day, and I get it done. I also have time to focus on one thing at a time and give it 100% of my effort, with a higher quality output. It’s awesome.”

David Rose | Manager of Standard Products and Tools, Metrowerks, a subsidiary of Motorola

“Looking back at all the training programs I experienced during my eight years at McKinsey & Company and Ernst & Young, none surpassed Mission Control’s two-day workshop in offering a significant boost to my productivity and ability to generate results.”

Lisa Smith Leight | Principal, Stanton Associates

“Before Mission Control, I forgot things, found myself rushed to meet important due dates, worried about if and when things would get done, and would lose my sense of humor with even the smallest interruption. Today, I experience none of that. I find I actually have more time to do the things I want, and I am no longer stressed out and worried all the time—which my wife likes. Mission Control isn’t just a set of tools, it’s a way of living in control. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Dr. Jeffrey D. Ford | Associate Professor of Management, The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

“Since taking Mission Control, I’ve had a 100% increase in productivity. I now have control over my work and I’m working on the things that truly make a difference for my company. And, my peace of mind has increased because I am able to be truthful about when things are going to be done. Now if I say it is going to be done, it’s done. It’s priceless.”

Debbie Hyde-Duby | President, Pearle VisionCare, Inc., a subsidiary of Cole National

“Life is so much easier since Mission Control. I have no stress when I look at my calendar now. Mission Control completely changed my relationship to everything I have to do! This is a great class and I recommend it to everybody!”

Randi Smith | Project Manager, Dell Computer

“Since I took the workshop nearly a year ago, I’ve doubled my productivity. This increase comes not only from implementing the system but also from the clarity and peace of mind I now have. The most profound change has been the way that clarity impacts how I do my job. It’s incredible.”

Marty Millington | Senior Human Resources Manager, Toshiba America

“The two days I spent were of great practical value. The workshop ultimately brings the participant to a clear understanding of his or her limitations—the constraints of time and energy that we usually deny. What I saw in the workshop was that accepting these constraints was the beginning of real creative stewardship of my gifts.”

Steven Tomlinson | Finance Professor, MBA Program, University of Texas

“I’m a single parent, working full time—so juggling work, home and my social life placed me on a treadmill that left me unfulfilled, drained and powerless. I could not see how else to live my life. Taking this course showed me that there was another way to live and work. I am now relaxed, confident and in control.”

Norman Vasquez | Human Resources Consultant and Contract Negotiator, PSE&G

“I took the Mission Control program when I was working on an extensive multi-year project to install an integrated computer system in our hospitals and had hit a wall with everything I was trying to accomplish. Since the Mission Control workshop, I have given up thinking I can do it all. I have a better handle on what I can and cannot do, and I am in communication with my manager and our project team. Now, we can find the resources to do those things that I am not able to schedule (or admit that we are not going to do them), instead of pretending we will magically get to them. Plus, I am now able to leave work at the end of the day and focus on my family, rather than taking my work home with me.”

Don Sutton | Senior Staff Pharmacist, Northern Arizona Healthcare

“An ingenious and highly effective system, yet easy to grasp and quick to implement, Mission Control’s seminar at Britannia Royal Naval College provided me with an extremely useful method of balancing an increasingly busy schedule whilst delivering tangible results.

Using an engaging instructional style, the Mission Control team presented a method which requires self-discipline, and applied it using readily available PC tools, which enabled the delegates to get a firm grip on their professional and personal lives, and deliver a more productive and sensible work-life balance as a consequence.

It’s an excellent programme for the busiest of leaders spanning the widest range of professions.”

Commodore Tony Johnstone-Burt | OBE ADC Royal Navy, Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, England

“The course was excellent. I’m so amazed at all that I’ve accomplished just this weekend AND how clear I am about where things should go. It makes scheduling and organizing (dare I say it?) FUN!!!!”

Bonnie Juul | M.A., Founder and Yoga Instructor, Yoga New Mexico

“I came into the workshop looking for a greater capacity to manage details. I knew that if I could do that, I could get more research done and I would also have more energy and more fun in doing the research. It worked! Just from Mission Control, I saved us from being a month behind schedule, which enabled us to do 40% more of an experiment. For me, science is about thinking deeply and clearly about things. That’s what Mission Control provides. It’s given me a greater ability to come up with clever ideas, which is the fun part about doing scientific research.”

Bill Scuba | Programmer Analyst, Large Scale Ocean Currents, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

“Since attending the Mission Control workshop, I have been able to organize and structure my work a lot better. I know in advance what I am going to accomplish on a day to day basis. I can only tell that I feel really relaxed and positive! Not only is this training great to apply at work but it also works effectively in your private life.”

Celine Bernhardt | KM Coordinator, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“My experience of Mission Control was one of apprehension before I arrived. I was concerned that there has been so much written and taught over recent years about ‘time management’ that this would be the same theory, re-hashed with a new fancy title. This was not the case.

I will not get it all done. Never before has any course empowered me as much as Mission Control. The practical use of knowing “I will not get it all done” and the common sense that this entails was like a weight lifting from my shoulders. Working towards my concerns was inspiring, as this is something that the ‘modern’ worker does not seem to do. We spend our time working towards others goals and concerns—a symptom of the way we were taught at school.

I have altered my working practice. I now carry a capture tool everywhere (one and only one), I have just one pile on my desk, I make my E-Mail system (Lotus Notes) work FOR me. I have taken control of my diary and created a calendar of occasions. I have now experienced the sense of freedom that Mission Control gives for handling everything there is for you to do and handle in life.

Colleagues were dubious at first, especially those that have viewing rights to my calendar of occasions, however they have come to see the value of what I am doing and are asking more about how to compose their own! Many thanks for the inspiration!”

Matt Emery | HR Development Consultant, Schering Health Care Limited

“During the eight weeks after taking Mission Control, I lost 10 pounds, generated two major new clients, and tripled my sales for the quarter. Of all the tools and practices I use in my life, nothing is more powerful than Mission Control for transforming the quality of my life.”

Michael Alexander | Principal, Alexander & Associates

“Everyone has a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. One can tap the talent, by committing oneself to managing habits. Mission Control gives you the exposure to do this and the methods.”

R.N. Swamy | Vice President Finance, Akshay Software Technologies, Ltd., Bombay (Mumbai), India

“The Mission Control system is working miracles for me. My routine has shifted from being absolutely haphazard to being crystal clear and organized. I am the owner of my business, which enabled me the freedom to simply stop the whole chaos in my organization.

Since the day I attended the workshop until today, I simply refused to operate with the old structure of managing our existence. The whole staff, including myself, have drilled down to the concerns about why we were doing what we were doing, and then created empowering concerns and then aligned all of us to the SOUL (not sole) CONCERN of the organization. Today, we are a transformed organization.

The best part is that we are all experiencing the freedom, power and peace of mind promised by Mission Control. We are all aligned behind one mission and each individual knows what we are accomplishing over the next week, as well as the who, when, where, why and how.

One accomplishment I had set for myself was getting the entire structure up and running. The system is up and running. I DECLARE: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.”

Amod Thorat | Proprietor, SwifTank Systems, Mumbai (Bombay), India

“Prior to taking Mission Control, I had resigned myself to believing my days would always consist of crisis management and stress. Now I go to sleep at night with no worries on my mind. My productivity both at home and work has improved dramatically, while working fewer hours.”

Scott Averill | Executive Director, Atria Hearthstone Retirement and Assisted Living

“I now have clarity and direction about all the things I want to do in life. I look forward to bringing a new level of productivity to my life and fulfilling on the accomplishments that I have created for the coming year.”

Nikhil Damle | Associate, Morgan Stanley Advantage Services Pvt. Ltd, Bombay(Mumbai), India

“I used to try to do everything and be a super human. Now with Mission Control, I’m not dividing myself between five things at the same time. I can focus and get the results I’m looking for. The increase in the quality of my results has been dramatic. It’s like getting a body cast taken off—you just don’t ever want to put it back on again.”

Sharon Albergo | Customer Support Manager, Fortune 500 telecommunications company

“When I signed up for the workshop, I was only about 10% of the way to meeting my sales quota for the quarter. I was skeptical that the workshop could help, but willing to try it. Not only did I meet my quota, I produced $40,000 of additional income in two months. This course is incredible!”

Mark Tonoff | Financial Advisor

“There was so much detail and intensity in my job and I was forgetting things and dropping details. I’m not known for doing that—I was becoming someone I didn’t want to be. Mission Control gave me a structure, tools, and a way of thinking that helped me keep it all together. Now, there is so much more detail that I am able to manage. I’ve doubled my productivity.”

Jill Marilley | City Engineer, City of Shoreline, a suburb of Seattle

“The Mission Control system really works! Since module four, I’ve been putting accomplishments in my calendar on specific times. At first it felt very, very strange and it really nauseated me that my life is so incomplete, but by sticking to the calendar I’ve had unbelievable results in sales, management and being proud of myself. The best part about it is that people now can rely on what I promise.”

Jan Auke Steegstra | CEO, Trio-Actief bv and Triocom bv, The Netherlands

“Since Mission Control, I am working fewer hours and accomplishing as much as I was before. In fact, I am now exercising three to four nights a week, where I wasn’t at all before.”

Donna Osowski | Market Manager, BMW of North America

“As with many people at work, I frequently had managers telling me at the last minute, ‘We need this done now!’ Before I did the course, I would have thought, ‘They’re going to get me if I say no,’ so I would have said yes, and then complained about it. Now I have the freedom to either say yes or no, and I’m not walking around thinking ‘They are out to get me.’ It’s a very different relationship. Now my managers come and consult me about what needs to be done.”

Paul O’Donnell | Social Worker

“After implementing the system, I accomplished more in three days than I have in a long time. This is clearly going to have a tremendous impact on my ability to produce results on an ongoing basis.”

Sandra White | Vice-President of Sales, MediaMedia Information Technologies

“I have a newfound freedom to create each and every day completely focused around the things I love and the things I’m committed to.”

Maryann LaScala | Sales Representative, Longwood Software

“The principles and practices in More Time For You have enabled and inspired our global sales team to produce results far beyond our expectations and we look forward to even greater performance and productivity in the future.””

Ray Hollinger

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