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Tame the Email Tyrant


Take control of your email – Take control of your time.

Is your email out of control? Are there dozens, even hundreds of previously read email messages cluttering up your Inbox? Does it seem like you’ll never get caught-up with your email?

Whether you receive 50 or 250 email messages a day, there is another way – a proven way. Join the thousands of professionals globally who have regained an hour or more each day, using the 2beffective triage method for staying on top of your email and operating from an empty Inbox. You will learn best practices for:

• Being responsive without being tethered to your Inbox.
• Planning your days, weeks and months for success, rather than having your email run your day.
• Knowing when the important messages arrive without staring at your Inbox all day.
• Staying on top of those who still owe you a response and being reminded to take action on their messages in a timely manner.
• Operating from an empty Inbox.

It is an easy-to-set-up and simple to use process that puts you back in control of your email.

Join us for this highly-interactive program, where we combine the intimacy of small group coaching (limited to 24 participants on the call) with the flexibility of pre-recorded self-study modules. Consists of:

• Two 1-hour live web/voice sessions
• A 55-minute online self-study module*
• A Microsoft Outlook® Implementation Guide

*You can review this module as often as you wish over a 6-month period.
Tuition for the entire program is $295. As part of our Did You Know? launch, you can save $100 by using the promo code TTETDYK and registering for any of the following programs by date.
(All times are EST GMT+5):

To register, select the program dates which best fit your schedule.
Click here to register and receive your seminar links.
Any questions? Contact us.

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