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Tame the Email Tyrant Webinar

Take control of your email – take control of your time.

  • Is your email out of control?
  • Are there dozens, even hundreds of previously read email messages cluttering up your Inbox?
  • Does it seem like you’ll never get through your email?

There is another way…a practical, proven approach for staying on top of your email. You will learn best practices for:

  • Planning your days, weeks and months for success, rather than having your email run your day.
  • 'Being there' for your customers without being tethered to your Inbox.
  • Learning to live from an empty Inbox.
  • Knowing when the important messages arrive without staring at your Inbox all day.
  • Staying on top of those who still owe you a response and being able to take action on their messages in a timely manner.

It is an easy-to-set-up and simple-to-use process that puts you back in control of your email. Available in-person, live webinar program, or pre-recorded self-study module.

Join us for our next one-week webinar program, consisting of:

  • Brief pre-workshop survey
  • 1-hour live WEBEX introduction session
  • An online self-study module provides in-depth “how to’s” to be completed during the week
  • A downloadable Implementation Guide with step-by-step Outlook implementation instructions
  • 1-hour live WebEx completion session

For dates and times of our next program Contact Us.