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More Time For You Workshop

“A Powerful System to Organize Your Work and Get Things Done”

Save an hour a day to a day a week...
Workshops available in 1/2 - day segments, 1 and 2-day programs
$395 per person. Contact us to register.

You’re being asked to adapt to new processes, technologies, reporting structures, policies, procedures and best practices, while still reaching and exceeding your increasing sales quotas. If you are feeling you just do not have the time to get everything done, you’re not alone.

It’s not that you aren’t work harder and squeezing more in, it’s that your current work methods, practices and processes are “maxed-out”. They're just not sufficient for you to operate effectively in this faster-paced, increasingly complex environment.

There is an answer...

Over the course of the year, we will provide online modules, training programs, research, tips and other resources to help you make choices that will allow you to spend your time on what matters the most, and have the tools to stay on top of it all. You will learn practical, proven approaches for prioritizing, achieving goals and reducing stress as well as best practices for:

  • Creating more time in your week for “customer facing” activities
  • Making better, faster decisions based on your priorities
  • Taming your inbox with easy and efficient e-mail techniques
  • Setting up calendar management and reminder systems
  • Handling distractions and interruptions (so they don’t run your day)
  • Losing that nagging feeling you are forgetting things


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For more information on how we can tailor a program for your organization Contact Us.