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Corral it All – Control the Chaos”

In this program you will learn techniques that allow you to get your arms around everything that there is for you to do and handle, such that you:

Are less distracted and more focused on your customers

Never lose “that” phone number again

Have more time for high priority items

Lose that sinking feeling that you forgot something important

You will also be given new tools and practices that help you free-up your mind from the constant distractions, ever-present clutter, and the tug of interruptions. At the end of this program, you will:

  • Get things off your mind and into a system
  • Be freed you up to focus on what’s most important to you
  • Be choosing what you do rather than reacting to your days
  • Have a support structure to keep your new practices in place
  • Be scheduling your commitments and projects to insure on-time delivery
  • Alleviate the sense of stress and overwhelm that comes from juggling the competing demands of internal and external customers, and have new tools for managing work/life balance.

Available in-person, live webinar program, or pre-recorded self-study module.

Join us for our next one-week webinar program, consisting of:

  • Brief pre-workshop survey
  • 1-hour live WEBEX introduction session
  • An online self-study module provides in-depth “how to’s” to be completed during the week
  • A downloadable Implementation Guide with step-by-step Outlook implementation instructions
  • 1-hour live WebEx completion session

For dates and times of our next program contact us.